About meon

Meon is an App Network - a place to create amazing experiences through apps, find apps, use other existing apps, and interact with others through content posted in apps.

Meon was conceived and created by Anand C Ramanathan (rcanand)

Why meon?

Today, people think of their web experience in two parts. Getting apps that provide experiences, and using those apps by adding content to it, and perhaps interacting with others through it.

To get a web experience you want, either as a person, or as a part of a company, you can either find some app out there which provides a similar experience, or you can develop or hire a development team to build the app for you.

In the case of existing apps, you are limited by the experience and the configurability that they provide, and those apps rarely provide exactly the experience you would want to have.

In the case of developing apps, there is usually a high cost, and even simple web applications take months to be created based on stated requirements.

So, you either compromise on the experience you want when you use existing apps, or you accept a huge time delay and huge cost if you choose to get your apps developed.

The sad consequence of this state of affairs is that most people, who may have several specific experiences in mind, have slowly given up on having the actual experiences they would like to have - after all, most people cannot afford the thousands of dollars needed to build the apps they want. Most people, in many cases, also cannot wait for months or years to have the experience they want. So, people have trained themselves to either look for existing software that does what they want, or if they can afford the time and money, spend the big bucks and wait for months to get what they want.

Meon changes all that.

With meon, you can have the exact experience you want, in the form of meon apps.

Anybody can create apps in minutes, with no need for programming skills or background.

Once created, the apps are automatically and immediately available to be used directly from within meon.

Within each app, you can decide who gets to read and write content, and each user can have multiple apps for multiple experiences and multiple communities they interact with.

For example, consider Carl, a middle school teacher, who likes to cook and also stays in touch with his college buddies.

Carl may have the following meon apps:

  • A family blog app, where he posts content for his family.
  • A whole suite of quizzes which he posts for his students to take, and once they take it, the quizzes get graded automatically, instantly.
  • A parents app for parents to get in touch with him or for him to contact parents about how their children are doing.
  • A public cooking app, where he posts his favorite recipes, favorite cooking related tools and products, and solicits reviews from the community on his recipes.
  • Carl knows that the annual reunion of all his college buddies is just a couple of months away. He creates an app where he includes his buddies as members, and each of them can suggest dates and places for the next reunion. He consolidates all the data and picks a date and venue, and shares it with his friends. He also creates a reunion app, where all friends post picture links, video links and posts related to the reunion.

Before meon, Carl’s above experience seems like a fantasy - but with meon, these apps take just a few minutes each to build. And if there is already an app of that kind, Carl could clone the app for himself instantly.

The power of meon lies in its app network, where users can prolifically create apps and content within apps, and share it with the community, controlling exactly who gets to do what in each of their apps. And once an app is created, it can now be made available for others to reuse instantly. Or other users can look at the structure of existing apps to learn how to build their own.

Meon empowers every web user to now dream of any experience they want, and create it for themselves in minutes.

With meon, your web experience is no longer dependent on external software or developers, which means you do not have to wait for months to have the experience. Nor do you have to compromise on what you want. You think of an experience, you create it in minutes, and you can then experience it immediately, all within meon.

Now all that is left for you is to figure out what experiences you want, and create them on meon. This may be hard, at first. All of us don’t usually demand specific experiences, because there was no way to bring it to fruition. With meon, we can slowly rebuild the courage to dream of anything we want, and have those exact experiences, in minutes.

Enjoy meon - your app network!