How it works

Meon is a platform for creating and hosting web and mobile (iOS/Android) apps, in minutes.
This is how it works:

  1. You request an app
  2. Provide details of the app you want.

    Meon is a great platform for creating a variety of apps like content apps, calculation apps, playlist style apps, review style apps, automatically graded quizzes, learning apps, social apps, state change tracking apps. Meon is NOT the platform for creating domain specific apps like voice recognition, image editing, apps requiring complex data import/export and parsing.

    By the way, don’t worry about sharing your app details - only the meon team can see your request, and we will never share the details with anyone outside the meon team. We will also never create the app and launch it for ourselves, unless you ask us to do so. We may, of course, create and launch similar apps if someone else requests something similar.

  3. We review and respond
  4. We will review your request, and respond. If we agree to move forward, we will provide a proposal. Depending on our review, the proposal may involve an upfront cost, or a revenue sharing option, or a free offer, or an ongoing subscription, or a combination of these.
    If we cannot create the app at this time for some reason, we will let you know as well.

  5. You accept our proposal
  6. Accept the proposal, and we’ll get cracking.

  7. We build and host your app
  8. If we agreed to move forward, we will first create a web app, that your users can access from a browser, whether or not you requested it. If you requested mobile apps, we will create the mobile apps as well.

  9. We show you the app
  10. Once the web app is built, we will send you links to the web app, and previews of the mobile apps.

  11. You check it out, and confirm
  12. You check out the web app, and the mobile app previews, and confirm that you are ok with it.
    If there is any payment component, you pay at this time. If you want us to deploy the app to the app store accounts in your name, or we agreed on revenue sharing, you provide us an admin account on your app stores, so we can deploy to your app store, and monitor the app downloads.

  13. We share download links
  14. Once everything looks ok, we will, based on your request, deploy the app to the desired app stores, and share download links to the mobile apps.
    That’s it!